Deploying LOGIQ PaaS on AWS

This page describes the AWS CloudFormation based deployment for the LOGIQ stack


LOGIQ can be deployed on AWS in a single AMI instance in a 1-Click fashion using our CloudFormation template and the LOGIQ AMI from the Amazon Marketplace. Please read and agree EULA before proceeding.

All the resources required to create and configure LOGIQ on AWS are taken care by the template. All you need to do is provide a few simple input parameters.

The CloudFormation template can be found in the software subscription at the AWS marketplace

Please note that using the Marketplace AMI is not free and you will be charged per the marketplace published rates for LOGIQ

LOGIQ UI credentials

After the Cloud formation template is complete, it may take several minutes for the UI to be available on the AMI.

The deployment exposes the UI on an http port by default. You can install an ELB to front the UI via https. This is the recommended production setup.

Once the LOGIQ instance is created, you can login to the instance using the below credentials

user: [email protected]

password: <name of your CloudFormation stack>-<name of your S3 bucket>

e.g. if CloudFormation stack is called Foo and bucket is called Bar the password is Foo-Bar

AWS Quickstart video

Also see section on AMI using CloudFormation for more details.

Ingesting data

Please refer to section on data ingestion for more details.