2.1 - 2010-09-28


Log aggregation

  • Parquet with Snappy compression for data at REST

Log analytics

  • Log view supports full JSON view for ingested log data like Search view

  • Performance improvements for faster search, logs, and tailing


  • Event deduplication that can reduce event data by up to 1000x at peak data rates

  • Deduplication of monitoring events at Namespace granularity

Deployment and Infrastructure

  • Separation of LOGIQ server into microservices for data ingestion, ML/UI and S3/Metadata management

  • Support for taints in HELM chart for more control over large-scale deployments e.g. schedule ingest pods on dedicated nodes etc.

  • Log tailing infrastructure using Redis switches to diskless replication/no persistence

2.0 - 2020-08-12


Log aggregation

  • Support for AWS Fargate, Firelens, Fluent forward Protocol

  • LOGIQ Fluent-bit daemon-set for K8S clusters

  • Data extraction via Grok patterns, compatible with Logstash Grok patterns using the Grokky library

Log analytics

  • Redesigned - Elastic/Kibana like search UI that scales to infinite data from S3 compatible object store

  • Real-time alertable events and alerts from log data

  • Real-time extraction of log data facets using Grok expressions

  • 1-Click conversion of log data events to time series visualization


  • Logiqctl command-line toolkit

  • Works with SAML users via API Key


  • Prometheus alert manager integration into LOGIQ alerts for unified alerting across logs and metrics

  • Built-in Logiq dashboard for LOGIQ cluster performance and health monitoring

LOGIQ Data platform

  • Connect numerous popular data sources into the LOGIQ platforms such as Postgres, MySql, Elasticsearch, Athena, MongoDB, Prometheus, and more.

  • JSON Data source for easily converting arbitrary JSON data into tables, widgets, and alerts

Role-based access control

  • Namespace RBAC for log data from K8S namespaces

  • SAML Integration for RBAC allowing SAML Attributes to map to RBAC groups

Security and Compliance

  • Fully secured HELM deployment using Role, RoleBindings, ServiceAccounts and Pod Security policies for all service

  • Cryptographically verified JWT token for API communication

  • Built-in audit logging for the entire product and infrastructure

1.2.1 - 2020-05-11



  • Add support for ingress with http and optionally have https

  • ServiceMonitor for ingest server if prometheus is installed


  • Logs modal ordering to match how developers view logs from a file

  • Highlight log line from search


  • Bug fixes for performance, graceful failure handling/recovery

1.2.0 - 2020-04-28

Official GA of LOGIQ's complete Observability platform with support for metrics and log analytics




  • Monitoring of time series metrics

  • New Log viewer

  • Log viewer integration with faceted search

  • Log time machine to go back in time to log state


  • logiqctl is now GA with support for log tailing, historical queries and search

1.1.0 - 2020-02-27


  • Fluentd sends error logs as info - fixed with grok patterns to extract proper severity strings from incoming messages


  • Anomaly detection via Eventing with built-in and custom rules

  • Built-in UI Help with Intercomm chat

  • Expand and collapse search facets


  • New AMI's for AWS marketplace

1.0.0 - 2020-01-21

Official GA of LOGIQ's Log Insights platform


  • AWS Marketplace AMI for all regions including Gov cloud regions

  • AWS CloudFormation 1-click deployment

  • Rsyslog, Syslog protocol support for data ingest via Rsyslogd, syslogd, syslog-ng, logstash, fluentd, fluentbit, docker logging syslog driver.

  • Built-in UI with SQL Queries, Faceted search, Alerts, Dashboards