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FortiNet Firewalls

You can integrate Apica Ascent with your FortiGate Firewall to forward either all or selected logs to Apica Ascent using the firewall's built-in syslog forwarding capabilities.


Drop into the firewall CLI and switch to the log syslogd configuration page
config log syslogd setting
Fortigate Firewall configuration

Syslogd forwarding

Once in the syslogd configuration settings, set the following to enable forwarding to Apica Ascent
set status enable
set server <IP/FQDNS of Apica Ascent Server here>
set mode reliable
set facility local1
set format rfc5424

Log Filtering configurations

For the log forwarding to work, you may need to tweak additional settings such as filtering. E.g. in the below configuration all logs level debug and above are configured to be sent to Apica Ascent
FGTAWSX5HFDA6I36 # config log syslogd filter
FGTAWSX5HFDA6I36 (filter) # show
config log syslogd filter
set severity debug
FGTAWSX5HFDA6I36 (filter) #
Additional filtering options can be found under the Log & Report section in the UI