E-Mail Configuration
This page describers E-Mail server configuration
LOGIQ insights can be configured to send emails to notify alerts. It uses smtp mail and requires following information for configuration:
    Mail Server DNS/IP
    Mail service/relay port for SMTP e.g. 25 or 465/587 (TLS/SSL)
    Username for the mail service/relay
    Password for the user above in 3
    Default Sender E-Mail: The send e-mails will show up as from this sender
    Depending on what port you are using and support at the mail service/relay, select either SSL/TLS to be enabled
The E-mail configuration is a global configuration and is available only to the admin user
The default sender e-mail in most cases will need to be a verified e-mail address from the Mail service/relay provider
The following attributes can be setup by LOGIQ admin on UI.
Logiq Insights Email Setup
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